Aug 24 2007

mostly pictures

I’m in a lonely mood at the moment and don’t feel like writing so I’ll fill most of the details in with pictures. Tonight there is a house show in NE pdx that Kayla and I are going to go to, that should be fun.

I don’t think we had a rest day until rolling into Van. We where super tired, mostly due to the back roads that we’d been taking:

That was only the beginning of three more days of similiar roads. For the first time in my life I seriously considered backtracking 50 miles…then I saw the cows

Somehow they made everything alright.

The Clinton-Pavillion road, and the sea to sky highway in BC are both incredible roads.

We made new friends in Lilloet that taught us a bit about robery

The natives north of Whistler seem to be unhappy.

What a contrast civilization is; Oklahoma! in Vancouver was great.

Great $3.50 breakfast in a diner that hasn’t changed since the 60’s

It was all worth it though; congratulations Ashley and David!