Nov 11 2007

Finally back on the bike

I’m spending far to much time browsing y’all’s profiles right now not to type something here. I’ve been disinclined to do any e-writing recently. Here are 10 recent (semi-random) items that are in my notebook:
-What’s an appropriate response to a grown mans temper tantrum?
-To learn on guitar: To Be somebody by June Carter Cash
-To be an example of not being at war
-If you are comfortable in your own body – it is your home – you will never be homesick
-We’re all presidents/We’re all Congressmen/We’re all Cops
-despacio = slowly
-Forest and Jay’s address on 15th.
-I’m stuck in Lafayette, LA
-tatoo ideas: Ak Flag, banana, chain rings, Love and Tolerance, the Anarchy Heart
– fuck non-dairy creamer.
Pictures coming soon, all the way from Penn State(at halloween), Boulder, Ojinaga, Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, plus many more.

Oct 25 2007

24 Hour Party Wagon

To all those that are curious:

Currently I’m in New York. Don’t worry about how I got here; the point is that I’m here now and will not be staying much longer. I will say that there are 3 individual Mike’s that are personally involved in this craziness. In related news I will soon be in Colorado. I really miss you and hope that we can see each other soon. If not see each other, at least have a good conversation or post-card exchange.

Check these out:

All three of these creatures have made an attempt [in one fashion or another] on my life in the last month.

Indeed, what will happen next?

Sep 27 2007

come on ‘n ride it (the train)

finally the crew was back together

We where ready to ride the train to Chicago and head south. We said our final good byes

Then spent the next 50 hours ridin’ the train. I don’t think that I’ll ever take an airplane again. trains are so much more comfortable, not to mention you get to see so much more.

Chicago is a beautiful town

I got to see a 30 piece punk rock marching band, twice!

not to mention morrocan music, a grammy award winning Indian slide-guitar player, and the play soiree dada.

camping at Indiana Dunes with our new friend Leslie

I’m happy Kayla is doing what makes her happy. I’m going to miss her.

Goodbye from little rock.

Sep 17 2007


I find myself in Chicago now. The amtrack ride was great, save for a nasty fight/ stupid understanding with Kayla and losing my knife. The entire trip across the high plains I was thinking how much I love that part of the continent, and how much I wished that I could be riding my bike across those same plains. No matter.

From here cdt and I will head roughly south until we hit shreveport. Finally I can see what damage nature (and perhaps vandals) have wreaked on my stuff. Not that I’m really attached to most of it anymore, but it’ll be a lot of fun to go through stuff that I haven’t seen in 5 years. There are a lot of letters from high school and a whole box of pictures I wanna’ see.

Chicago has been a blast. Chrisser has spent most of his time replacing all the small bits and pieces that go along with a touring bike. Kayla and I have hung out and generally had a great time. anyway….pictures soon.