Sep 27 2007

come on ‘n ride it (the train)

finally the crew was back together

We where ready to ride the train to Chicago and head south. We said our final good byes

Then spent the next 50 hours ridin’ the train. I don’t think that I’ll ever take an airplane again. trains are so much more comfortable, not to mention you get to see so much more.

Chicago is a beautiful town

I got to see a 30 piece punk rock marching band, twice!

not to mention morrocan music, a grammy award winning Indian slide-guitar player, and the play soiree dada.

camping at Indiana Dunes with our new friend Leslie

I’m happy Kayla is doing what makes her happy. I’m going to miss her.

Goodbye from little rock.

Sep 10 2007

no more long blog

So, being to computer savvy person that I am I deleted my last blog post. No matter, this one will be shorter though.

After Ash and Davids wedding Kayla and I travelled to Portland with Krista and Jeremy. For the next couple of weeks we went back and forth between Mcminnville, and Portland. Enjoying ourselves the whole time. We spent a super-hot Wednesday at the beach. That oregon water is super cold, but has awesome waves. I would highly recommend checking it out.

A few days later I was able to attend Gogol Bordello at the crystal ballroom – an awesome show. If you have the chance I would highly recommend checking it out. Unfortunately we where only able to acquire one ticket, and I got the luck I guess. Somehow, during the show, my camera worked its way out of its case and made love with the sand and sweat in the bottom of my backpack. Now it has a bad case of “my lens won’t extend and it’ll cost more to fix than replace”. Argghhh. It was a good camera while it lasted.

From Portland, the next day, krista drove me out of Portland and sent me on my way to mount st helens. Since I had just driven down the alcan I wasn’t to awestruck by the scenery; it was nice, just not the Haines highway. The few days of aloneness in the woods did me a lot of good though. I don’t often get a chance to be quiet and ponder. A few days of that and I was off to Seattle to meet Chrisser.

As an aside, I love a good public trans system. It just makes life so much easier.

cdt was in good spirits and we had an enjoyable time walking the streets of Seattle. I discovered I like Ethiopian food and mediocre comedy is ok at $5.

We caught a ride on Craigslist down to Oly to catch kt and aemmon. I like that town and I love those people. I wish we could have stayed longer. I called Krista up and begged for a ride to portland so that we could take an extra day to hang out. She graciously sent Jeremy and we got to spend the day working on a farm for the gleaners coalition in Olympia. Good times, and a good organization. I already miss those two.

Back in portand I picked up Kayla and we kissed in the middle of a grocery store parking lot for some time. I think we where blocking traffic. It is good to see her; I missed her much more than expected.

Next: off to Chicago via Amtrak special.