Aug 24 2007

mostly pictures

I’m in a lonely mood at the moment and don’t feel like writing so I’ll fill most of the details in with pictures. Tonight there is a house show in NE pdx that Kayla and I are going to go to, that should be fun.

I don’t think we had a rest day until rolling into Van. We where super tired, mostly due to the back roads that we’d been taking:

That was only the beginning of three more days of similiar roads. For the first time in my life I seriously considered backtracking 50 miles…then I saw the cows

Somehow they made everything alright.

The Clinton-Pavillion road, and the sea to sky highway in BC are both incredible roads.

We made new friends in Lilloet that taught us a bit about robery

The natives north of Whistler seem to be unhappy.

What a contrast civilization is; Oklahoma! in Vancouver was great.

Great $3.50 breakfast in a diner that hasn’t changed since the 60’s

It was all worth it though; congratulations Ashley and David!

Aug 9 2007

on my way to the sea to sky

So, I’m now at the public library in Williams Lake, British Columbia.

After getting back to the cabin in Haines, and spending the night, Kayla and I set off for Haines – again. Chrisser was going to hitch there.The first night we enjoyed ourselves. Despite the 15 mph headwinds we still managed to make it about 100 km. On the second day just after I finished repairing a flat tire ( actually my tire had worn out, probably due to me skidding to a halt at some point, but that’s irrelevant) Kayla and I where laying down on the side of the road, in the grass, when a large truck pulled up and none other than Chrisser pops his head out and asks if we want a ride to the cabin, about 50 km away.

The cabin is located at kilometer post 107.7 on the haines highway. It is a free cabin that is kept up by bikers in the summer and snowboarders in the winter. Inside there is a guest book with notes from people, some quite charming, that date back to the late 90’s. Anyway we stayed the night and where quite warm.

The next day Kayla and I headed into Haines on, by far, the most beautiful ride I’ve ever been on. Seriously, if you haven’t ridden on the Haines highway do it. It’s well worth it. Not to mention that about 20 km past the cabin is a 14 km downhill. Passing through customs was a breeze; for a change US Customs treated us more kindly than the Canadian officials.

Chrisser ended up riding into Haines on his bum ankles. We stayed the night at the free campground (the one that we didn’t think to check on our last trip) and caught the ferry in the morning. Skipping forward to Juneau we decided to jump off and see a little bit of town during our 2 hour layover. While hitching into town a very kind young man picked us up and drove us around the valley for the next hour. The glacier, Safeway, UAS, Spawning salmon, and some great conversation where included in the trip. Definitely post card worthy. We also managed to stop, for varying amounts of time in Sitka, Kake, and Ketchikan. Sitka was the only town that we got to explore much of – it looked quite nice though.

When we arrived in Prince George we met a couple, Colt and Liz, while asking for information about where to camp, who offered us a night in their basement. We had a wonderful time with them that included an awesome Fresh Salmon dinner, crepes and fruit in the morning and several cans salmon for the road. Thanks Liz and Colt!!! That day cdt realized that his ankles still wheren’t okay for riding, so he decided to fly home to New York for a few weeks to get R&R and see family.

So, Kayla and I have been riding 80 mile days, 4 in a row, in order to make it to Silverdale for Ashley’s wedding. We followed the Yellowhead from Prince Rupert to Prince George, then headed south on the 97. Rest days have been in Smithers and in Cinema II, outside Quesnel (say it with a silent ‘s’). There have been a ton of good times, but once again internet time is short. Most of of all I’ve been enjoying getting to know Kayla better and checking out the beautiful scenery that bc has to offer. I’ll try to fill in details of this part of the journey when I next write. See you soon!

Jul 28 2007

note the short amount of time.

I’m now in an internet cafe in Pr. Rupert BC.  This town is nice.  The campground costs $37 per night for 3 so we skipped it.  On our way into town we asked a couple if they knew where a good place to camp was – they said sleep on our floor.
I spent the last week hitchin’ into Haines, then being refused entry to Canada, then getting in.  Then picking up the bikes and going back to Haines…..Somewhere in there we all ended up performing in an impov-acting show for the people of Haines: Awesome!

Will write more when the time is right. Right!