Jan 22 2010


Studies have shown that it takes about 10,000 hours of practice at something to become an expert in that field.  Certainly that number will have a huge amount of variation, but it’s a good, round, talking point.

Over the last several years I have spent most of my time on several activities:

  • Travel
  • Computer Program
  • Study Mathematics
  • Learn about cyling

For all but the last one I am probably close to that 10,000 hour mark, and I certainly have a large knowledge of these skills (at least speaking in percentiles, not necessarily magnitude).  Why do you, or I, care?  It’s important for me to spend my time wisely.  I feel that the skills that I’ve purchased have a high value; however, I’ve acquired them mostly because they fell into my lap and were the “shiniest” thing in my line of sight.

It’s important to seek out the most valuable things to spend time on.  How do you do that?  How do you know when you’ve found something valuable to spend your time on?

Dec 29 2009

What is to be gained

It strikes me that if I’m doing something, especially something that I do often, that it should provide some benefit.  I recently read a blog by someone who claimed that they don’t watch television but instead read books.  The author stated that his benefit from reading was easily measured, but that the benefits from watching television couldn’t be easily measured and that those television watching benefits perhaps didn’t exist.  I don’t watch television; perhaps I should – most people watch it a voracious amount.  This makes me wonder: what are the benefits to watching television?