Jul 6 2007

Body woes

The final 15 miles of travel last night contained a warning sign from my knees: stop.  Hoping that it was just a temporary problem I slept (along with my companions) for 12 hours.

This morning we again woke to wet, rainy conditions.  I could learn to like biking in the rain, I guess I have to.  Based on the last nights pain for me, and cdt’s newly developed achiles tendon pain, we decided to ride the 31 mile distance to Glennallen and call it a day.

After arriving in Glennallen we shopped and enjoyed the free time.  We considered a free camping spot by the moose creek, on the side of the road; however vetoed it after realizing that it would be busy.  Across town to the Northern Nights RV park we went to pay our $12 and enjoy high class luxury, as well as free internet access.

Jul 6 2007

On Vacation

I’m finally off….into adventure.  This is day 6 of my bike trip with Chrisser and Pops down the Alcan, Cassiar, and through the states and we’ve already taken 2 rest days.  I suppose that that is good, given that Chrisser’s achiles tendons are sore from his new bike shoes (more on that in a minute), and my knees are sore from a seat the mysteriously rose 8mm. hmmm, I need to be more careful when adjusting the bike.

We left Anchorage, about 5pm, after a great breakfast/lunch at the Emory street house, amd a stop at Carrs for food.  Notable people missing from those present at Emory where Gourley, and Himes.  I miss you two.  After riding for a few hours we arrived in Palmer, where we slept in my father’s basement.  This basement is quite cool; it used to be, I imagine, some mad scientists laboratory.  Now it just houses wet bicyclists.

Then next day we left dads house and went to to store to pick up a few forgotten supplies.  Nearly three hours later, and probably 10 trips through the checkout line we where off – through the rain, uphill.  The road out of Palmer is winding and steep with little to no shoulder….mehh, such is life.  Despite being cold and wet I was having a great time.  On one of the uphills my chain broke.  It was a rather strange break though – the chain virtually ‘fell off’ while I was puttin no pressure on it.  Thanks to cdt I got it fixed in record time, then rode off to meet up w/ Kayla, and eventually make a damp night by the power lines.

The next day, after riding 15 miles, cdt realized that his shoe was breaking and needed to be replaced.  Fortunately my father was just leaving Palmer and graciously went by the bike shop in Wasilla to purchase a replacement shoe for cdt.  4 hours later, after enjoying some sun and rain, we where ready to go.  By now it was rather late, so we elected to spend the night in the church basement (pops hadspoken with the wonderful pastor of the church we where parked in front of, he offered us accomodations for the night).  Thank you Glacier View Bible Church, and Dad.

That night was wonderful thanks to a warm dry spot to dry out in, plentiful hot water for tea, and bathrooms to clean up in…not to mention a carpeted floor and private room to sleep in; luxury!

In the morning it was pooring rain, par for the course lately.  We set off early though in hopes of breaking our 30 mile per day average.  7 miles down the road (about mp 107) I encountered a long steep grade. Typically I love the hill, but in the pouring rain i was grumppy and didn’t want to deal with the sting of raindrops.  Thus, I was not paying proper attention to upcoming terrain when I came upon a fresh landslide.  This led to much panic, shouting, swearing, sidewall tears, and 3 bad tubes.  An hour an a half later, with Chrisser’s moral support, I was able to travel on.

Later in the day, after travelling through more hills, and clouds, the sun finally appeared to warm our backs, as did an awesome tail wind.  60 miles in total this day offered in bike adventure, despite the rought start.