What is to be gained

It strikes me that if I’m doing something, especially something that I do often, that it should provide some benefit.  I recently read a blog by someone who claimed that they don’t watch television but instead read books.  The author stated that his benefit from reading was easily measured, but that the benefits from watching television couldn’t be easily measured and that those television watching benefits perhaps didn’t exist.  I don’t watch television; perhaps I should – most people watch it a voracious amount.  This makes me wonder: what are the benefits to watching television?

2 Responses to “What is to be gained”

  • Krista Says:

    TV makes me laugh. Also, sometimes there’s some good stories told via TV. In short, it can be quite entertaining and relaxing.

    • admin Says:

      I guess the question that I’m really getting at is does watching television give me the greatest amount of benefit per time and effort of anything else that I could be doing?

      Certainly an hour or two here and there provides a huge benefit in that it allows our subconscious to process what it needs to, not unlike sleep; and can be informative or entertaining; however, does the cost(very low)/benefit(very low) ratio give me the highest number possible as opposed to, for example, climbing Mt. Denali or learning a new language.

      What else do you do for 4 hours a day (the US average)? how do the benefits of that activity compare?