Into Xela

The last time I posted I was travelling through Mexico with Joan. The trip from Houston to Guatemala ended up taking the three of us about a week.

A quick word about Joan: During the week that we travelled with Joan I went from optimistic that we could spend several weeks with Joan, travelling around Central America, to plotting with ct how we could, in kind words and actions, not travel with her any longer. Our function was to escort her to Guatemala, as she was worried about travelling alone. Somehow, in the beginning we had all begun talking about increasing our travel together. In any case the last night we where to travel together she took a wrong turn and we ended up in the wrong town. I think the frustration that CT and I felt at that point caused us to reach a point where we definately didn’t want to spend anymore time with her (If you want detail we’ll need to talk in private).

The following morning, as we where driving into Xela, our original destination, she asked us where we could like to be dropped off. Happily, we asked for a drop at the town square, and before the hour was through we where in Xela.

To Be Continued….

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