Catching up

So, I find my self in La Pesca, Mexico; on my way to Guatemala. This is a plan that I could not have hatched had I been trying for years.
As of my second-to-last post I was in Ciudad Nuevo York. CDT and I spent a week there shuffling back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Highlights include the library, natural history museum, and killer Canolies! The Canolies (I spelling that wrong I think) where by far the highlight. I may be back to taste some more; thank you Eric!
From Nuevo York we e-hitched up to Fulton where we spent a week with Chris’s family and friends. This is a good group of people. I was able to paint part of ct’s fathers new house; and climb Mt. Ampersand with Aaron, Sean, and ct. This was also fun. Then we met Mike of crazy road trip fame.
There is not much more to say about the next week, except that the phrase crazy road trip is true. I think we ended up travelling about 4000 miles and had a lot of fun.
The next leg of the journey had us staying at the super-nice Trendwest resort in New Orleans for a week. The contrast from La Frontera in Mexico, to this resort was striking – Also, how much New Orleans was trashed. The tourist areas where pretty much as they where when I visited pre-Katrina; however, the whole rest of the city (at least what I saw) was pretty rough. They have a killer bike co-op and book co-op there.
After taking the LA Swift to Baton Rouge, then hitching to Lafayette, we fell asleep behind some dumpsters with our new found friend Kelly. About 3 am we where awoken to the terrifying sound of a garbage truck lording said dumpster over our soft-fleshy bodies! I actually didn’t wake up until I was standing, in my sleeping bag, about 10 feet away from the truck. Somehow I had managed to stand up, and run, those 10 feet without exiting my cacoon. Needless to say much nervous laughter was exchanged and I slowly fell back asleep. Two hours later a similiar thing occured; however, this time it was old had so we only cowered in the shadows near the dumpster. The next day was spent trying to hitch out of Lafayette. I-49 is impossible to hitch on at that locale – give up, all hope is lost. a $36 greyhound (Kelly called this the dirty dog) ticket later we where back at Mikes house in Shreveport.
Mike was super-accomodating, and in general very helpful. I went to church with him and Gabe on Sunday and we spent Monday preparing for the future, whatever that may hold. Thank you for everything Mike! Tuesday Chris found a woman on Craigslist who wanted companions to travel with her to Guatemala. We called asap and before I knew it I was once again riding the dirty dog to Houston to meet Joan. I do miss riding my bike, but I’m on the 24 hour party wagon so I have to go where the wagon goes (if you don’t know about 24pw then shoot me a message and I’ll explain – it will change your life). Skipping over the mundane details of not having appropriate vehicle paperwork and having to stay the night on South Padre Island we have had an uneventful, albeit fun, journey to where I am now – Northeast Mexico.
PS. don’t go to South Padre Island.

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