Finally back on the bike

I’m spending far to much time browsing y’all’s profiles right now not to type something here. I’ve been disinclined to do any e-writing recently. Here are 10 recent (semi-random) items that are in my notebook:
-What’s an appropriate response to a grown mans temper tantrum?
-To learn on guitar: To Be somebody by June Carter Cash
-To be an example of not being at war
-If you are comfortable in your own body – it is your home – you will never be homesick
-We’re all presidents/We’re all Congressmen/We’re all Cops
-despacio = slowly
-Forest and Jay’s address on 15th.
-I’m stuck in Lafayette, LA
-tatoo ideas: Ak Flag, banana, chain rings, Love and Tolerance, the Anarchy Heart
– fuck non-dairy creamer.
Pictures coming soon, all the way from Penn State(at halloween), Boulder, Ojinaga, Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, plus many more.

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