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So, being to computer savvy person that I am I deleted my last blog post. No matter, this one will be shorter though.

After Ash and Davids wedding Kayla and I travelled to Portland with Krista and Jeremy. For the next couple of weeks we went back and forth between Mcminnville, and Portland. Enjoying ourselves the whole time. We spent a super-hot Wednesday at the beach. That oregon water is super cold, but has awesome waves. I would highly recommend checking it out.

A few days later I was able to attend Gogol Bordello at the crystal ballroom – an awesome show. If you have the chance I would highly recommend checking it out. Unfortunately we where only able to acquire one ticket, and I got the luck I guess. Somehow, during the show, my camera worked its way out of its case and made love with the sand and sweat in the bottom of my backpack. Now it has a bad case of “my lens won’t extend and it’ll cost more to fix than replace”. Argghhh. It was a good camera while it lasted.

From Portland, the next day, krista drove me out of Portland and sent me on my way to mount st helens. Since I had just driven down the alcan I wasn’t to awestruck by the scenery; it was nice, just not the Haines highway. The few days of aloneness in the woods did me a lot of good though. I don’t often get a chance to be quiet and ponder. A few days of that and I was off to Seattle to meet Chrisser.

As an aside, I love a good public trans system. It just makes life so much easier.

cdt was in good spirits and we had an enjoyable time walking the streets of Seattle. I discovered I like Ethiopian food and mediocre comedy is ok at $5.

We caught a ride on Craigslist down to Oly to catch kt and aemmon. I like that town and I love those people. I wish we could have stayed longer. I called Krista up and begged for a ride to portland so that we could take an extra day to hang out. She graciously sent Jeremy and we got to spend the day working on a farm for the gleaners coalition in Olympia. Good times, and a good organization. I already miss those two.

Back in portand I picked up Kayla and we kissed in the middle of a grocery store parking lot for some time. I think we where blocking traffic. It is good to see her; I missed her much more than expected.

Next: off to Chicago via Amtrak special.

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