Finally back to travelling

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, so here goes a quick review of what’s happened over the last couple of weeks.

From Haines Junction (where we stayed for a rest day) the three of us decided to leave our bikes and hitch into Haines Junction for the night.  After only a few minutes on the side of the highway, we where picked up by Doug, who was driveing a semi.  While we where putting our stuff in his rig he told us to hurry so the folks at the weigh station didn’t catch on.  The inside of his truck was littered with typical, at least in my mind, trucker stuff.  He had Fleetwood Mac on the radio.  Three hours later, a couple of big grizzleys, a border crossing, and an emergency pee stof, we found ourselves in Haines.  Thanks Doug – you made what I’ve found out is a hard road to hitch on a breeze.

After finding our camping spot we split up to explore the town.  When we met up again Kayla had met people who invited her to a ‘storytelling workshop’…I had visions of reading fairy tales aloud.  We showed up at the workshop and found out that by storytelling they mean acting.  Anyhow, we practiced different improv techniques with some of these people for the next three nights.  I’m not quite sure how I got involved, but they had the sales techniqies of a telemarketer – very good.  On the last night we put on a show for the good people of Haines.  AFterward we went to a show at the Pioneer bar and met our ride back to Haines Junction.

Julie, our new friend, was driving back home to Whitehorse so she offered to give us a ride.  We arrived at the Canadian Customs station, about 60 km outside Haines, and where asked for our passports and how much money we had.  Assuming that we would only be in Canada for a couple of days we only had about $50 in cash.  The customs officer didn’t like this and refused our request for entry stating that we needed ‘at least $200 per day we would be in Canada.  Chris got mad, Kayla started Crying, I got frustrated, and Julie’s face got red!  This was bullshit to put it kindly.  The officer also informed us that we would need about $1500, in cash, to enter canada at Prince Rupert (we decided to take the ferry to help heal tendons, save time, and see southeast; no regrets).  Julie kindly gave us a ride Back to Haines so we could get money.  I think she saved us at least a couple days of hitchhiking.

….arghhh, internet time is short so I will write more later.  quick summary:  the Haines Highway is the most beautiful road I’ve been on, Pr. Rupert is nice, as is the Yellowhead; bittersweet feelings at the end of the Cassiar; missing Chrisser; missing the north.  Missing you.  Loving travel!

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