Out of Glennallen, into…..

After spending two days in Glennallen, and three nights at the Northern Nights RV park in Glennallen ( free internet access ), Kayla and I headed for Tok. Unfortunately we where not able to bring Chrisser along due to his continuing tendonitis. See amapfromlife.blogspot.com for more details on that. The short summary is: due to shoes that he had to purchase sight unseen, tendonitis was thrust upon him after pedalling for 100 or so miles.

The three nights on the road where quite wonderful. We left Glennallen with our new friend Sage, another Anchorage local, who was travelling to Haines. She is a very kind woman who kept us entertained with stories of her bike trekking through East Asia. The most remarkable part of the last two days was our luck in finding a place to sleep on the second night. After having a wonderful meal of rice and thai food we travelled on looking for a good place to sleep. Of the side of the road, hidden from view was a beautiful lake. This lake was out of a sporting goods catalog, complete with slapping beaver, dam, and drinking bull moose. Anyway, check the gallery for a more complete picture.

Last night, in Tok, we slept at the Sourdough campground on my mother’s recommendation. They have a comedy show, live music, and a ‘pancake toss’ contest every night. In the moring we enjoyed the all-you-can-eat buffet of pancakes and fruit….a bikers delight. All this, and free showers, came at the rather stiff price of $19. Mehhhh, me where able to split the cost with Sage, and another biker name Martine – who is travelling the same route we are as far as Seattle. Additionally, we met another fellow who has travelled from Deadhorse. He’ll be travelling with us as well….at least we’ll all be on the same road, somewhat near each other. It’s comforting to know that there are others nearby, who are having the same experience I am.

Time is up on the pay internet. More from Haines Junction in a week. This time travelling with cdt, hopefully!

P.S. Thanks to AP&T for the killer salmon bake lunch.

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